Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Frozen, um, Fun

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Here is my big math project for the semester.

Okay, a small rant is needed. I am currently taking a prerequisite course for my education program, Math for Elementary Teachers. When I signed up, I was imagining a class where we would learn how the brain conceptualizes and learns math skills, where the students would have to present ideas in different ways, and teach each other math lessons. Silly me.

Turns out, it's a class making sure that teachers know how to do third grade math. We learned long division, adding fractions, and place values - it's the most boring class I think I've ever taken. I had to take a placement test to get in, and the test was many many levels more difficult than the class.

And the kicker is, this is the only math class I am required to take, as a teacher. And for some of the students, this class is difficult. Suddenly, it is crystal clear why North American students always seem to be doing poorly in math, why we always lag behind other nations. If the teachers don't understand and are still scared of math, why would the students be any different?

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